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Bespoke Infinity

Bespoke Infinity

Product Details

Make : Bespoke
Max Weight : 25st
Stairlift Type : Curved
Conditions Available : New, Reconditioned, Rental
Colours Available: Blue, Brown, Cream, Red, White




The Bespoke Infinity stairlift is a tailored mobility solution designed to offer a personalized and precise fit for various  staircase configurations. Its adaptable features ensure a custom-built solution that caters to specific user needs, such as curved, narrow, or unconventional layouts. The Bespoke Infinity is known for its emphasis on customization, providing a comfortable and secure ride tailored to individual requirements, making it a sought-after choice for those seeking a personalized and flexible mobility solution within their homes.

This curved stairlift is produced in Huddersfield UK. Unlike the majority of other stairlift manufacturers that use a one rail system the dual rail sits further back allowing more room on the stairs. This model has a linked footrest as standard which eliminates the need to bend over to fold the footplate away. Whereas other companies that produce stairlifts offer automatic powered footrest at an additional cost. The Bespoke Infinity Chair is available in either a manual swivel or a powered swivel chair.


  • Dual Rail system
  • Available in five upholstery colours
  • Heavy duty variant up to 25 stone


Additional information

Available Conditions

New, Reconditioned, Rental

Max Weight (st)



Blue, Brown, Cream, Red, White

Powered Footrest Option


Power Swivel Option


Hinge Track Option


Works Outdoors


Stairlift Type


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