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Selecting the ideal optional add-ons for a stairlift can be challenging given the multitude of choices available in the market. At Mobility Comparison, we offer factual information about these additional features. Explore and expand your understanding of the diverse options to make an informed decision.

Powered Swivel Chair

A stairlift with a powered swivel chair is a sophisticated mobility aid designed to enhance comfort and convenience for users navigating staircases. This type of stairlift incorporates a specialized chair that has the ability to swivel automatically at the top of the stairs, allowing for easy and safe entry and exit from the lift.

The powered swivel feature eliminates the need for manual turning or readjustment by the user. As the stairlift reaches the designated top or bottom landing, the chair smoothly rotates, positioning itself in the optimal direction for the user to effortlessly exit the lift onto level ground.

This innovative functionality significantly reduces strain and effort required by the user, especially for individuals with limited mobility or those who may find turning or maneuvering challenging. The automated swivel action ensures a seamless transition from the staircase to a stable standing or sitting position, promoting independence and confidence while using the stairlift.

Additionally, these chairs often come equipped with safety features such as sensors to prevent the swivel action if any obstruction is detected, ensuring a secure and risk-free operation. The powered swivel chair design aims to prioritize user comfort, safety, and ease of use, making it an invaluable addition to stairlift technology for individuals seeking a more accessible and user-friendly mobility solution within their homes.

Powered Footplate

The primary purpose of the powered footplate is to ensure optimal comfort and safety by offering tailored support to the user’s lower extremities. It allows users to find their most comfortable and secure position, minimizing strain or discomfort during the journey along the staircase.

Most stairlift models have an option to add a powered footplate However models such as the Stannah 600, Homeglide and Homeglide extra have a linked footrest so that when you fold the chair away the footrest folds with it. The powered footplate is folded away at a touch of a button either on remotes or on the arm chair. Powered Footplates typically cost anything between £50-£400 extra.

Remember to ask what optional extras are available to you
when selecting your stairlift

Powered Hinge Track

A powered hinge track for a stairlift is an innovative and adaptable feature specifically designed for staircases with intricate layouts or obstructions. Unlike a manual hinge track, this system incorporates motorized components that enable automated folding and unfolding of the track as needed.

The powered hinge track consists of segmented sections connected by hinges, much like a manual hinge track. However, the distinction lies in the motorized mechanism integrated into each hinge point. This motorized system allows the track sections to automatically fold or unfold at designated locations along the staircase, adapting to obstacles or spatial constraints.

When the stairlift encounters an obstruction, the powered hinge track’s motorized mechanism engages, enabling the track sections to adjust, fold, or unfold seamlessly without requiring manual intervention. This functionality ensures that the stairlift can navigate the entire length of the staircase, even in spaces with limited clearance, doorways, or other impediments.

The primary advantage of a powered hinge track is its convenience and automation. Users do not need to manually fold or adjust the track; instead, the motorized system handles this process automatically, enhancing ease of use and accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges.

The incorporation of a powered hinge track in a stairlift system demonstrates a commitment to overcoming spatial constraints and providing greater flexibility in installation. It allows for smoother navigation through complex stair layouts or tight spaces, ensuring that users can enjoy improved accessibility and mobility within their homes without the limitations posed by obstacles along the staircase.

Stairlifts that have the option for a powered hinge are. Handicare 1100, Acorn 130, Brooks 130. Stannah 600, Bruno, Homeglide, Homeglide Extra.

Slide Track

A slide track stairlift is an innovative mobility solution designed for staircases with limited space at the bottom or top landing. Unlike traditional straight or curved stairlifts, a slide track system includes a unique track feature that extends or retracts automatically, offering greater clearance and maneuverability.


During the ascent or descent, as the stairlift approaches the landing where space is constrained, the slide track mechanism activates. It smoothly extends or retracts, allowing the chair or platform to move clear of the staircase, creating additional room for the user to safely exit or enter the lift without obstruction.

The primary benefit of a slide track stairlift lies in its ability to optimize space utilization without compromising safety or functionality. By automatically adjusting its length, the slide track ensures that the stairlift can navigate tight spaces or cramped landings, providing a solution for staircases where a traditional straight or curved track might pose challenges.

This adaptable design enhances convenience and accessibility for users, particularly in homes with limited landing space or where doors, walls, or other obstacles restrict the movement of a standard stairlift. The slide track system offers a solution that prioritizes user comfort and safety, allowing individuals with mobility needs to navigate stairs with greater ease and freedom within their homes.

The only two stairlifts that have an option for a slide track is the Handicare 950+ and the Handicare 1100.

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