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Product Details

Make : Homeglide
Max Weight : 19.6st
Stairlift Type : Straight
Conditions Available : New, Reconditioned
Colours Available: Cream

The Homeglide stairlift, manufactured by Thyssenkrupp is a well-regarded mobility solution designed for straight staircases. Recognized for its reliability, comfort, and ease of use, the Homeglide offers individuals with mobility challenges a safe and convenient way to navigate stairs within their homes.


The compact and discrete stairlift is an easy to use and a comfortable stairlift to use. Made by The world renowned ThyssenKrupp group. The unique chair design is not only compact but provides thick luxurious chair padding. The stairlift has a manual swivel as standard and is available with a powered hinge rail if the stairlift would be an obstruction at the bottom of the stairs.

  • Straight Staircase Compatibility:

Engineered explicitly for straight staircases, the Homeglide ensures a precise and secure fit along these types of stairs.

  • Space-Saving Design:

Featuring a foldable seat and footrest, the Homeglide optimizes space when not in use, allowing free passage for other household members on the stairs.

  • Intuitive Controls:

Positioned on the armrest for convenience, the user-friendly controls facilitate effortless operation, allowing for smooth and straightforward travel up and down the stairs.

  • Safety Enhancements:

Equipped with essential safety features like obstruction sensors, ensuring automatic stops to prevent accidents or collisions on the staircase, prioritizing user safety.

  • Comfortable Seating:

The Homeglide prioritizes user comfort with a cushioned seat, supportive armrests, and a secure backrest, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride.

  • Personalized Options:

Users can choose from various upholstery options and colors to suit their personal preferences and match their home decor.

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Available Conditions

New, Reconditioned

Max Weight (st)




Powered Footrest Option


Power Swivel Option


Hinge Track Option


Works Outdoors


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